Lundin Norway is founded on fabulous success in exploration

Lundin Norway is founded on fabulous success in exploration, with many and large discoveries on the Norwegian shelf. This success must be credited to skilled and experienced exploration staff who have been given free rein to use their knowledge in the best way possible. Together they make us perhaps the best exploration company in the world.

One should exercise caution in hinting that one is the world’s best, but we dare to do so for two reasons.

Our first reason is the results. When we began in 2004, scarcely anyone believed that so few people might be able to find so much oil and gas on the Norwegian shelf – except perhaps for our staff themselves. Our team of experienced exploration staff based their work on the idea that new knowledge, new methods and new exploration models would make it possible. Now we know that they were right.

The discovery of the Edvard Grieg and Johan Sverdrup fields on the Utsira High in the North Sea has revitalised one of the most mature areas on the Norwegian shelf and injected new optimism into the entire oil and gas industry in Norway. And with discoveries like Gohta and Alta in the Barents Sea, we have had new exploration models confirmed, and we have provided important knowledge which we believe will lead to a new and profitable era in the north.

Our second reason is the recognition our exploration staff receive from colleagues in Norway and abroad. They are praised as capable individuals, but even more as a team that achieves a staggering amount together.  Lundin’s geoscience experts are popular speakers at conferences, and the company often participates in research projects that are relevant for all aspects of exploration. And we have a long list of awards and prizes received by individual staff members as well as by the company as a whole.

We have good people on the team, and that is important. But the way they work together is equally important. Information is not reserved for a few select people, but is shared across disciplines and projects. This is normally done verbally and immediately. Our exploration staff work in an open office landscape which is rarely quiet. Here problems, solutions and, not least, new ideas are discussed as soon as they emerge.

To make the most out of working in this way, we have also chosen to have a broad range of expertise in our own organisation, making it fertile ground for fruitful, cross-disciplinary discussions and good solutions.