R&D - innovation and social responsibility

Good ideas and new solutions are essential for us to keep improving. In Lundin, this work begins with our employees’ bright heads and by paving the way for sharing all the knowledge found in those heads.

All progress, whether in the form of new technology or better work methods, starts with a good idea. But rarely is a new idea complete and ready to go the moment it is first presented. It needs to mature, be worked on and perhaps tweaked a bit before it is useful. And for that, many clever heads are needed.

That is why we are keen on sharing ideas and knowledge, both within the company and outside it. Lundin Norway is involved in a great many research and development projects in cooperation with research institutions, universities and commercial players. An important key to success in this type of cooperation is our policy of not owning patents or rights to products or technologies. Often the results of our work are slight changes or improvements, but sometimes we end up with entirely new products and technologies.

We have for instance started using a new type of radar to monitor the environment on the Edvard Grieg platform. This radar has been developed in cooperation with a technology firm in Østfold County, and, based on an idea from one of our geophysicists, an entirely new technology for acquisition of seismic data is now being used on the Norwegian shelf.

In the short term, it might often have been more lucrative for us to hold on to the rights to the products we helped develop. But in a longer perspective, we believe the gain will be greater when we help make the oil and gas industry as a whole that little bit safer, more efficient and profitable.

We consider technology development a natural part of our social responsibility.