Field development, without complications

Developing a field can cost tens of billions of kroner - NOK. Lundin follows some simple, but hugely important principles in order to avoid delays and cost overruns.

Everything begins with the people. Lundin’s department for field development and development projects is not a large one, but we have some of the industry’s most competent and experienced people on our team. They know what is needed for a development to be performed safely and efficiently. They have also been given considerable authority to make decisions. Our philosophy is that decisions should be made as close as possible to those who actually understand the issues in detail, and with no more extensive processes than necessary. This enables us to work efficiently and produce good quality work. Of course, some decisions require thorough processes, but you need to know which ones.

There are industry standards such as NORSOK and ISO for functionality and quality for every part of an oil platform on the Norwegian shelf. Lundin follows theese standards and we have no company-specific requirements whatsoever. Solutions that do not follow a standard will normally be far more expensive, but not necessarily any better. The Edvard Grieg platform has been built entirely without company-specific requirements.

For any development, the choice of suppliers is very important. Suppliers must be able to deliver products and equipment of good quality, and they must do so at the right time and at an acceptable price. Lundin has considered experience and ability to deliver more important than many other oil companies, and in consequence many contracts have been awarded to Norwegian suppliers.