Youth politicians visited Edvard Grieg

Lundin Norway invited representatives from youth branches of all political parties to visit the Edvard Grieg platform.

Lundin Norway started the ONS week by flying all the youth branches of the various political parties to the Edvard Grieg platform. Tomorrow’s decision-makers were impressed by the experience.

“It was very exciting and fun to see one of the installations where many people in Norway work. You can have a lot of opinions about the different oil fields, but you can’t not be proud when you are actually out on such an oil platform. I have a lot of respect for the oil workers and the expertise in the oil industry,” says Astrid Hoem in AUF (Labour Youth).

The young politicians received an introduction into the work done on HSE, value creation from the field, as well as insight into what life as an offshore worker is like.

“It’s super-exciting to see what it’s like to live and work on a platform. And it’s very important to see the work and the contribution they deliver to finance our social welfare. That is one of the most important mainstays for Norway,” says Andreas Brännström, first deputy chair in FrpU.

Well-visited stand
Lundin Norway’s stand in the exhibition area received many visitors – industry people as well as royalty, ministers and members of parliament. They were told the story of how Lundin approaches different exploration methods. Managing Director of Lundin Norway, Kristin Færøvik, is quite satisfied with the interest in Lundin Norway’s concept this year: Play.

“We succeeded in communicating our primary message for ONS 2018 – that we have a playful approach to innovation and technology development. The news of our successful production testing at Rolvsnes, where our pioneering new methods were decisive for the result, was an excellent start to the week, and supports the concept name,” says Færøvik.