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    is a full-spectrum oil company with activities in drilling, development and production. We are also 350 skilled and dedicated employees who work every single day to help improve both our own company and the Norwegian petroleum industry.

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Students win trip to the Edvard Grieg platform

The three winners from the student competition “Show us your idea” got to enjoy an experience that few others get - visiting the Edvard Grieg platform in the North Sea.

The desert dunes of the North Sea

Rocks formed from desert dunes could become some of the best oil reservoirs. Edvard Grieg is the only field on the Norwegian shelf where large parts of the reservoir consist of this type of sandstone. Now we have discovered even more of this type of reservoir in Luno II.

Part 2 - New reservoir types on the Norwegian shelf

About half of the world's oil and gas reserves are estimated to be found in fractured carbonate rocks. Carbonates can also be chemically dissolved, what is called karstified carbonate. For the first time ever on the Norwegian shelf, Lundin Norway will produce oil and gas from karstified carbonates this summer.

New reservoir types on the Norwegian shelf

Oil deposits in granitic basement rock on the Norwegian shelf have not been considered commercial due to the density of the rock. Lundin Norway hopes to disprove this notion on Rolvsnes in the North Sea.
The production on the Edvard Grieg platform generates
billion kroner in tax revenue for the state of Norway.

Lundin Norway Licences on the Norwegian Continental Shelf

Aktuelt fra virksomheten

Production guidance 2018:
thousand barrels of oil equivalents per day

Four new licenses

Enthusiastic market appreciates Lundin

Island Innovator to drill Edvard Grieg appraisal

Simple solution yields valuable information

300 million years of hydrocarbons

Lundin projects on the Norwegian shelf

Edvard Grieg

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