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    is a full-spectrum oil company with activities in drilling, development and production. We are also 350 skilled and dedicated employees who work every single day to help improve both our own company and the Norwegian petroleum industry.

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Johan Sverdrup field centre is taking shape

The first steel jacket for the Johan Sverdrup field centre left the shipyard in Verdal Sunday, and set a course for the North Sea. This is the first part of the field centre that will be visible above the sea surface. Development of the Johan Sverdrup field is one of the largest industrial projects ever undertaken in Norway.

Praise for Lundin and the Norwegian oil industry

Minister of Petroleum and Energy Terje Søviknes met with Lundin Norway employees on Friday. He praised the company’s activity and contributions on the Norwegian Shelf in the form of both discoveries and production.

Good ideas paid off

“An unforgettable moment!” This is how the three winners of Lundin’s ‘idea competition’ summarised their trip to Edvard Grieg. A visit to the platform was the first prize in the contest.

The geology of the Barents Sea – diverse and promising

The Barents Sea is expected to contain significant undiscovered oil and gas deposits. The basis for this is a geological journey that started at the equator 400 million years ago. And things had to be just right on the journey north.
The production on the Edvard Grieg platform generates
billion kroner in tax revenue for the state of Norway.

Lundin Norway Licences on the Norwegian Continental Shelf

Aktuelt fra virksomheten

Production guidance 2017:
thousand barrels of oil equivalents per day

Four new licenses

Enthusiastic market appreciates Lundin

Island Innovator to drill Edvard Grieg appraisal

Simple solution yields valuable information

300 million years of hydrocarbons

Lundin projects on the Norwegian shelf

Edvard Grieg

Johan Sverdrup


Alvheim, Volund and Bøyla

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